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  PNW Label Contest!!

  Do you want to win free juice for a year? Do you want the opportunity to have your creative abilities featured on thousands of bottles of eliquid? Well, now is your chance! Using the templates provided, create what you feel is the gretaest label ever designed. Please include what you would name the line (do not use PNW) and make sure there is room for the nicotine strength and flavor name. Do not worry about the warnings. We will take care of that.

The winner will be selected by our in-house team and will receive 240ml's of eliquid every month from our PNW or River Reserve lines. We have provided Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and PDF template files for you to create your labels. For those who wish to print and hand-draw a design, we've also uploaded a blank PNG for that reason.

All questions, comments, and contest submissions can be emailed to

Good luck, everyone! Let's see what you've got!


 Adobe Illustrator AI


 Adobe Photoshop PSD



 PDF With Layers



Blank PNG For Printing



Example Layout


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