About Us


Here at River Reserve, our mission is to provide the most enjoyable and safe to consume e-liquids conceivable. We began this operation with our local customers at heart. Originally operating out of a local B&M here in Vancouver, WA, we used our customer’s ideas and input to sculpt our first 7 flavors. From there, we grew out of the shop and found our own lab facility in Vancouver, WA. Here, we were able to hone our craft and increase our selection one amazing flavor at a time. We developed a small batch technique ensuring the quality of every bottle that leaves our lab is steeped to perfection. We are focused on our labeling, trying to convey the quality of our brand and the kind of customers that appreciate our attention to detail. But when you buy River Reserve E-liquid, you’re buying more than an elegant bottle or label. Our e-liquid speaks for itself; the difference is all about being able to vape our flavor for weeks on end, finding enjoyment and satisfaction in every puff. Our e-liquid is what defines the word premium - try it today and find out what you have been missing.


Here at River Reserve, quality means 2 things. It means finding the highest quality of ingredients to formulate our recipes, and using the highest level of packaging equipment in an ISO 7 equivalent lab space. We have searched the world over looking for the best flavors from the best distilleries. We think our search has paid off, and when you try our product you will notice the difference! The nuanced flavors and overall balance of our blends is all thanks to our revolutionary small batch system. Steeping has been around since the beginning of humanity. This process was refined over thousands of years by our fore-fathers, and from this process we have taken the most useful and relevant aspects and mixed in our own modern day knowledge of blending flavor components. These techniques allow us to create the most authentic and enjoyable flavor combinations ever made.