The original River man

Like many of you, the day I decided to trade tobacco for vapor, was the day my life changed for the better. In January of 2012 vaping became my new hobby. Manic research quickly led me to the D.I.Y. forums and in less than a week my supplies arrived. Soon after beginning to blend flavors, I found my passion for eliquid. My early blends were enough to keep me tobacco free. Using family and friends to help refine my profiles, this passion pushed me to experiment with the highest quality flavoring I could find. I found work in the industry in the summer of 2013 at a local vape shop in Vancouver, WA. There, I built coils and educated newcomers to the potential that vapor provided. I learned quickly that with this level of exposure to the industry I could test my flavors on the largest market available and I did. Over the next year and a half, I created several recipes all of which were molded from the input of the customers I served and the reactions they gave. This testing provided priceless input and still does to this day. Eventually, my passion led me to leave the position I came to love at the vape shop and branch out into the community to craft my eliquid for everyone to enjoy. Today my pursuit has become River Reserve, a company dedicated to give back to the community that helped create it.

Clint Pettee